The Walk A Mile In Another Blogger’s Shoes #BlogSwap continues!  Monday I was at AJ’s blog with my view on the Top 10 80’s Movie Geek Guys and today I get the chance to feature, Raquel@OrganizedIsland. 

I could really use a permanent Raquel in my life since time management and organization are not my strong suits, here’s hoping Raquel can help some of you (and me) with healthy snack preparation.

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Thank you Melissa for having me on your blog! The theme of our swap is “Walk a Mile in Another Bloggers Shoes”. A few of us are swapping blogs that may be out of our comfort zone. I was assigned to Melissa, I was a little intimidated at first, because while I do not mind exercising, I have never enjoyed running or jogging because I am not very coordinated. I tried roller blading and just could not do it, so I sold my blades. I tried tennis and could not master that either.

But I do love cycling and swimming and walking. I also do want to maintain a healthier lifestyle since I truly believe you are as old as you feel. I also love to organize which I talk about on my blog, Organized Island. So today, I am sharing a few tips on how a little organizing and planning can help head toward this goal for anyone else that is might be trying to achieve this.

Healthy snack preparation, healthy eating

When it comes to snacks, it is not always easy to choose the healthy ones. We are so mobile these days, that it has become simpler to grab a bag of chips or cookies, or drive through somewhere for a quick meal. This is fine once in a while, but with a little pre-planning, it is easy to make healthier snack choices.

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I love vegetable snacks, but I rarely buy them pre-cut. Sometimes preservatives are added to keep carrot and celery sticks fresh and they just do not taste right to me. What I do is, when I get home from the grocery store, I wash the vegetables and store a few in small plastic bags. I do this with bell peppers, cucumbers and edamame. If I do it before putting the vegetables in the refrigerator, I do not have to think about it anymore.



Almonds, pistachios and peanuts are great sources of protein. If you buy the portion-sized packages, while they are convenient, you can be spending up to 200 percent more than if you prepackage them yourself. It just takes a few minutes to divide the can or jar into serving sizes, ready to go. I find it helpful to place these bags next to granola bars in the pantry. Also, move those Girl Scout cookies out of there….


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Similar to vegetables, cut and prepare a day in advance. It takes a few minutes but is so worth it. It also is much cheaper. Have you seen what they charge for pre-cut melon these days? It is ridiculous. I tend to pick apples, pears and bananas so I do not have to cut them up. Grapes are a great choice and I will store some in little containers and place them in the refrigerator.


Cheese is a great choice but it is unlikely that we will eat it unless they are in portion-sized pieces. String cheese is great because they are already packaged this way however, cottage cheese and softer cheeses will need to be moved to smaller containers. I find that repurposing take out containers (you know, the small ones for sauces) are perfect for soft cheeses and hummus. Also, by cutting a block of cheese into bite-sized portions, makes it a more convenient snack.

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Now that all the snacks are prepared, I recommend placing them on a plate or tray. Then place the tray in a visual shelf in your fridge or cupboard. By placing a variety of items, it will allow you to switch up the snacks from day to day, so it doesn’t get boring.


Then you can just grab and go. Once it becomes a habit, you will be on your way to a healthier you. Thanks again to Melissa for allowing me to visit here.




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