If you’re attending FitBloggin’ this weekend, there are a ton of wonderful people that you’ll meet.  I’ve met some of my favorite people on the planet because of this conference.  FitBloggin’ attracts unique hearts, minds and souls that don’t often all assemble in the same room.

It’s nearly impossible to list all of the fabulous people that you might meet in Denver but here are 12 that are definitely worth seeking out: 

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In order from left to right, row by row:

Row 1:

Kelly@No Thanks To Cake:  Kelly is girl with amazing style – few people are as well put together as this gorgeous woman.  She has a great health and wellness story to boot.  This self-proclaimed picky eater loves to cook and shares some awesome recipes on her blog.  Get to know Kelly via her blog, Facebook, Instagram, PinterestTwitter or via her Guest Post here.

Jill@Tree Fitness: Jill and I met as roommates for FitBloggin’ 2013 and we’ve been buddies every since.  We’ve been roommates for FitSocial 2013, BlogFest 2014 and were teammates for Ragnar Socal 2014.  Jill is an amazing athlete, fierce personal trainer, mom of 3 and an wonderful person all around.  Get to know her via her blog, Facebook, TwitterInstagram or via her Guest Post here.

Melissa@Melissa Running It: So maybe we were destined to be friends since we had the same name?  No, I found Melissa on the Internet way before we actually met each other but yes, since then we’ve become good friends.  Melissa is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met both emotionally and physically (check out her guns, people).  She’s not only pretty but she’s also wickedly smart and sensitive.  Few things make me laugh harder than when Melissa posts things that her mother says in everyday life.  Just ask her or learn for yourself via her blog, Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram or via her Guest Post here.

Carrie@FamilyFitnessFood:  You know those people you meet randomly and just connect with?  I met Carrie the last day of FitBloggin 2013 during the goodbye run.  We fell into step and just clicked.  Since then we’ve done a Mud Run, Ragnar SoCal and attended Wanderlust 108 Los Angeles together (not to mention a meet-up after a Billy Joel concert with our spouses).  Carrie is a runner, a mom of 2 kids and like me, she’s over 40 (and still fabulous!).  Get to know Carrie via her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via her Guest Post here.

Row 2:

Stephanie@FoodandFitness4Real: Stephanie and I met via FitBloggin’ also (even though we conversed via social media).  Stephanie is a working mom (she’s an engineer!), a runner and she loves food.  Stephanie’s love of travel, fitness, food and family is evident on every social media outlet. She’s also a really nice person.  I know she’ll be in Denver with her family but she’s definitely someone you should say hello to if you see her!  Get to know more about Stephanie via her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or via her Guest Post here.

Tammy@GingerMantra: Tambra Means is a powerhouse.  Tammy is an accountant and a group fitness instructor in Florida who radiates positivity.  Tammy is woman dedicated to health and happiness in work and deed.  Tammy loves to play with healthy food, fitness and the love that she has for her family is evident in every post you read or see.  Get to know this exceptionally sweet and inspirational lady via her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via her Guest Post here.

Alyssa@LaLaLyssa: Alyssa used write at DoubleChinDiary with her sister but now she’s out on her own…well, she’s pregnant so maybe not so on her own.  Alyssa is a fitness enthusiast and likely knows more about social media than anyone else you know (she has a masters degree in Mass Communication).  Alyssa is friendly, funny and smart – all things I appreciate deeply in other humans.  She also gets my high anxiety about flying so I’ll forever sing her praises to anyone who will listen.  PS – She knows how to use Snapchat so if you’re like me and are clueless, ask her.  Get to know Alyssa via her blog, Facebook, Instagram, TwitterPinterest or via her Guest Post here.

Nellie@BrooklynActiveMama: You won’t need me to bring Nellie’s name to your attention because if you attend the Zumba class or the Small Group Discussion about How To Obtain Sponsorship, you’ll get a glimpse into this effervescent human being.  Nellie is my Brooklyn touchstone.  We met at FitBloggin’ 2013 because she (and her blogger buddy, Kimberly@ManifestYourself) both had something that drew me to them.  Nellie might be the only person who could ever even get me to think about taking a Zumba class (I have no rhythm).  This working mom is now a runner and is getting ready to run her first 26.2 for the Ronald McDonald House in November.  Get to know more about Nellie via her blog, FacebookTwitter, Instagram or via her Guest Post here.

Row 3:

Erin@ErinKreitzShirey:  Erin Kreitz Shirey has more energy than anyone I’ve ever met in my life.  I met Erin as the BootCamp Instructor at FitBloggin’ in 2013 and even pregnant with her 3rd child, she had more energy than anyone alive.  Erin is a triathlete, mother of 3 and is one of the more giving and motivating people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  She is small but mighty!  Being around Erin, you feel like you can conquer anything – physically or emotionally.  This woman is a born coach.  Get to know Erin via her early morning BootCamp during FitBloggin’ or check out her blog, Facebook or Instagram

Julie@JulieGoesHealthy:  Julie is a FitBloggin’ newbie.  She’s also a twenty-something California girl who is relatively new to me in the blogosphere.  Julie has battled obesity and anorexia and has a no nonsense attitude in the way she looks at food and fitness – it’s about enjoyment.  I got to know Julie at Wanderlust (with Carrie above) and I’m glad I did. Julie’s got a good head on her shoulders and I like reading about her health and life journey.  I might covet her youth a little bit too.  Get to know Julie via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Alan@SweatingUntilHappy:  You can’t go to FitBloggin’ and not know Alan Ali (He’s also the Official Conference Instagrammer).  Alan is one of the most inspirational people you’ll ever meet.  He’s all Southern gentleman but he’s also a triathlete, marathoner and half marathoner.  The man has also lost over 100 lbs in his lifetime!  Alan is sweet and he’s a motivator.  Alan recently participated in the Raleigh IronMan 70.3 for the charity Smile Train and ended his day with a smile on his face like only he could.  Get to know Alan via his blog, Facebook and Instagram (he might have the best Instagram account of all time).

David@KeepItUpDavid:  David Garcia is one of the most well spoken and real people you’ll ever meet.  I was blown away by his ability to be so articulate while sharing some of his pain during a FitBloggin’ 2013 Discussion Group.  David has lost over 160 lbs and that feat in itself is amazing but it’s the sensitivity with how he shares his past and his present with his readers that draws you in.  Keep up with David (and his stair climbing races) via his blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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