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A New Yorker's Thoughts on Living In Los Angeles

I’m a New Yorker living in Los Angeles.  I’ve lived in LA for over 3.5 years and I still haven’t adjusted. At nearly every opportunity I can be heard saying, “I’m a transplanted New Yorker” or that “I’m still learning the geography of Los Angeles” when I meet someone new. […]

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Friday's Featured Female – Girls Night Out at Paint & Sip Studio LA

So, I’m cheating a bit by not featuring an actual female for #FFF but when the female-owned Paint and Sip Studio Los Angeles offered a Girls Night Out for a few of my favorite local bloggers, I figured it was a great way to experience the cultural offerings of LA, gab and drink a bit.


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After coming back from my New York trip, I needed an LA grounding experience and painting, sipping (BYOB) and socializing with 3 very funny and smart ladies, AJ@ConfessionsofaFatGirl, Chris@WhatIRunInto and Anne@AnneHogan seemed like a great way to make that happen.  Facebook had been already taunting me for months with group photos featuring a bunch of happy (slightly drunk) people all holding the same masterpiece from similar painting parties so I figured, why not? […]

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Making My Way Back – A Unique 13 Step Program

I’m back from my nearly month-long break.


In the blogging world, not posting content is considered blogger-suicide.


My inconsistency wasn’t intentional but it was necessary.


My head, heart, soul and body needed to retreat….and so I did.


But I’m ready to talk about it all now so here goes……


My last post mentioned that I was in New York City saying good-bye to my beloved Brooklyn apartment.  With no offense intended to anyone who has used traditional 12 step programs to deal with addiction, this final act of truly leaving New York was quite an ordeal for me.  After living in Los Angeles for nearly 2 years, I didn’t think that the act of selling my New York apartment wouldn’t be so devastating but it was.


It’s taken me nearly a month to be able to write about my unique 13 steps to dealing with my own transition but here goes:


Step 1:  Arrive at midnight to an empty apartment except for a mattress on the bedroom floor and this thoughtful table set by a loving husband.  Cry.


Maker's Mark, lonely table

Notice the Maker’s Mark and the unseen gift left by loving husband.


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Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet LA – Stay Tuned

Ever spend a ton of time on something only to hit a wrong button on your computer and make the whole thing disappear?!  Well, then you understand why there will not be the full write up of this week’s Fitness Magazine Blogger Meet & Tweet LA […]

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4 Days in NYC – Almost A Hugh Grant Movie

In case you wondering why there was no post on Friday, it was partly because I was in New York and we have no Internet connection in our Brooklyn apartment and partly because I ran around like a chicken without a head over a 4 day period.  I’d say a […]

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Three Local Running Loops For LA Beginning Runners

Today I’m thrilled to have a guest post from one of my newest LA friends, Chris Lam of WhatIRunInto.com.   Not only does Chris share my love of fitness and pop-culture but she has a wicked sense of humor.   Today just to prove […]

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