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A Wish: Duran Duran Songs That Should Be Played on the Paper Gods Tour

Duran Duran, 2015, Paper Gods DuranDuranMusic.com

I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted and I planned to write a post explaining why but that will need to be done at a later time.  Tonight, Duran Duran kick off their Paper Gods Tour and although I won’t be in New York to witness it, I figure it would be a good idea to publish my wish list for some of my favorite (some lesser known) songs that I wish would be added to the set list.

I know people want to hear the […]

By |August 1st, 2015|

Countdown to BlogFest 2015 + FREE Momentum Fitness Jewelry

Yes, I took another unintentional blogging break because I was busy working on this:

BlogFest, IDEAWorld, Nutrition, thevalentineRD, RD,CDE


On Thursday, July 16th at 2pm PST, I’ll be presenting “Busting the Top 5 Nutrition Myths” at IDEAWorld BlogFest 2015.  To say that I’m excited (and nervous) is a major understatement!

While I’m sad that some of my blogger buddies from BlogFest 2014 won’t be there this year, it’s hard to think that anything will be able to top last year BUT I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with old […]

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An Injured Person's Best Friend – A TENS Unit

When you’re a fitness enthusiast with a chronic injury, you constantly battle to keep your body from pain.   You hate it, but your fitness life does become a cycle of good days and bad days.  On January 30th I hit a particularly bad day and I’m still recovering from it (that ugly spinal curve in the x-ray below is evidence of my QL muscle shortening and putting me in considerable pain).

X-ray, back injury, spine, L4/L5


When those bad days hit, your doctor will most likely give you immediate pain medication but will […]

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Fabulous FitBloggin' Folks You Need To Know + Giveaway

If you’re attending FitBloggin’ this weekend, there are a ton of wonderful people that you’ll meet.  I’ve met some of my favorite people on the planet because of this conference.  FitBloggin’ attracts unique hearts, minds and souls that don’t often all assemble in the same room.

It’s nearly impossible to list all of the fabulous people that you might meet in Denver but here are 12 that are definitely worth seeking out: 

FitBloggin', Accounts to Follow, People To Know


There’s a […]

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The Tuesday Tune-Up: Eat, Run Hard & Be Nice To People

Tuesday Tune Up, Weekly Check In, Food, Fitness, Family, Duran Duran


Hey there!  How are you?  What’s been going on?

The Tuesday Tune-Up is where we can have a weekly virtual coffee date and catch up a bit.

I was out of touch last week (deadline and a sick kid kept me from blogging) but here’s what’s been going on!

Food, Tuesday Tune-Up

This last week was such a blur that I’m lucky that I remember eating anything at all.  It […]

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OMG! Duran Duran Are Coming, Duran Duran Are Coming!

Yup, I’ve been MIA for an entire week.  Sometimes the blog takes a back seat to everyday life (presentations, work, family stuff etc.).  You might have also heard the news that Duran Duran frenzy has begun!  Take a look at how awesome the boys are looking these days!  Nobody can work white skinny jeans like the newly svelte SLB, amirite?

Duran Duran, 2015, Paper Gods DuranDuranMusic.com

By now you might have heard that the band have not only released their new single, “Pressure Off” (which you can hear via this […]

By |June 22nd, 2015|
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