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10 Main Takeaways From FitBloggin'

Hoping you all had a great holiday weekend!  I’ve been traveling a bit and I’ve been late in letting you all know about my #secretvacation (blog post pending) but this post is about my trip to Portland and my 10 Takeaways from Fitbloggin’.  This was a conference unlike any other I’ve ever attended.  Kia from Bodhibear.net said “that Fitbloggin is like walking into a hug” and she was absolutely right!  I was lucky to have been chosen as a LiveBlogger (and therefore my conference fee was complimentary) but would have paid to attend this fabulous conference anyway!  I’m already looking forward to FitBloggin 2014!

Portland, Fitbloggin

My 10 Main Takeaways From Fitbloggin’ Include: […]

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#13in2013 Half Year Check In

Sorry that this post is late today but I’ve been traveling a lot lately.   I just got back from the amazing Fitbloggin’ 13 in Portland, Oregon.  I have so much to share about my recent adventures that I need a few days to gather up all the fabulousness I’ve encountered on my #secretvacation and at Fitbloggin.

In attempt to be somewhat timely, (since 2013 is already half over – hello July 1st!) today we’re doing the quarterly check in on the progress being made with my #13in2013 goals.  My first quarter check in post is here.

#13in2013 Goals: […]

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A Thank You Note To My Fitness Blog Inspirations

Social media has changed my life.  Today, I’m a blogger attending Fitbloggin’ 13′.   The first blog I ever read was PerezHilton.com (very highbrow, I know) but then I started using Twitter and got hooked deeper into the online abyss.  Through Twitter, I discovered a wonderful group of bloggers/Tweeps that provided more than health and fitness motivation, they gave me inspiration to launch thevalentineRD.com.  This post is my thank you note to them.

I almost titled this post “To All The Girls I Loved Before” but it sounded a bit creepy/stalker-like because I heard Julio Iglesias and Willie Nelson in my head AND because many of these bloggers are women nearly half my age.  The title became wholly inappropriate when I added 2 dudes on the list.  Bad initial titles aside, I hope that this post is received as a letter of thanks to some fabulous fitness related bloggers who often make my day (and maybe make yours too)!  Thank you all!

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#WholeLottaLove Link Up


I’m participating in the #WholeLottaLove link up post fest at Kludgymom.com, a blog written by the very funny, smart and Jason Mraz-obsessed, Gigi Ross.  Gigi is helping bloggers get some extra love for those posts that […]

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Committing to #13in2013

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2012 is coming to an end and it’s a bit hard to believe.  My 2012 Year In Pictures post yesterday was fun to put together.  It showed me just how many changes my family and I have been through this year and how wonderful things have turned out.

This year I’ve realized just how easy it is to take health and happiness for granted.  I really am thankful to be healthy (I’m trying to overlook the cold I have and the fact that I reinjured my back by sneezing yesterday).  Although I have depressive tendencies, I have a lot to be happy about as well: I have not one but 2 different roofs over my head, and I have people (and a pup) that I love and that love me in my life.

I’m thrilled that this is the post to end my 31 Days of Blogging Project.  This project has taught me quite a bit about blogging (it is a lot of work!) and has strengthened my commitment to continue my own contribution to my piece of the social media world. […]

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The Sexiest Meme of 2012

I had to post this because it was the biggest (and sexiest) meme of the year and because Wild Boy thinks it’s hysterical.  Perhaps he’ll stop randomly saying, “Gangnam Style” for no reason at all sometime soon.

Come on, you know you did the dance….

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